The amazing avocado.

A sure sign that I am not doing well is when I stop laughing at meaningless things.

Consider the following anecdote, which you will probably not find at all noteworthy:

I have been eating real food all week. Today I ran out and bought something frozen and took it to work. I put it in the big freezer in the break room to retrieve at lunch time.

Innocently, I approached the freezer to remove my lunch.

I tried to open the door.

It would not open.

I tried again.

Still nothing.

I looked around at the 6-7 people standing around microwaving their various dishes. They seemed completely unfazed by my plight. Had anyone else had the same problem? Was someone going to chime in and say, “Can you believe the freezer today?”

I tried again. The door would not open. I began yanking. Still nothing. At this point, the freezer was inching forward with every tug.

I couldn’t give up. I had to eat lunch.

After a minute or so, the door opened. I took my frozen cuisine to the microwave, and set it for 3 minutes.

And then started laughing hysterically like some kind of crazed maniac. “What absurd thing just happened?” I tried for a minute my life to open a freezer, and nobody around me reacted at all. It is not that I needed their help or sympathy…it was just a funny image. Seven people stood around stirring soup, while one person ferociously battled a freezer.

I went back to my desk and laughed more. I have no idea why it took me so long to open the freezer. I mean, really. How strange.

Something to laugh about. I’ll take it.


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