The end.

In the beginning of December, I had to go back to my old job. I had to give them my new address for W2 purposes. I figured it was close enough to the end of the year to give them time to change it, but also not too late in the year to change it as year-end taxes had not been done yet.

One of my old bosses took some time to update me on all the changes. As in, all the people they had fired. She shared the news with me so gleefully it was hard not to recoil. But of course, I had learned to fight that instinct long ago. I actually already knew that two people had been fired (my old co-teacher, and my replacement) two weeks after I left. I was surprised about some of the other, um, I think “turnover” is the polite word.

I had to drive there and take it to them, because they don’t write down messages. I saw them answer the phone every day. They write nothing down. My best shot was writing it down for them.

I just got this in the mail:

Well, that’s nice. They covered up my old address with a sharpie, and wrote my address as “Nash, TN.” I guess they were too busy to write five more letters.

But it made it to me, so, you know. Ok.

This was the last thread connecting us. And thus ends all contact with my former employer. Forever.


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