Professor Private Investigator

Anything I know about United States History, World History, or Government…I learned on my own.

I don’t know very much. I am a current student of history.

But I know that my high school and college educations taught me very little. That could be because I was too young to care. I could have been focused on other subjects that interested me more at the time.

Tonight as I was discussing this with someone, I came up with the most genius idea of all time.

I think Orwell should be taught in History and Government classes.

His writings are traditionally taught in a literature class, right? At least in my experience. A literature class is the completely wrong context for him to be properly understood. 1984 and Animal Farm are not stories. They are commentaries on the state of affairs in world governments.

If I taught a United States vs. The World History class (think about that for a minute), Orwell would be required reading alongside the traditional textbooks.

The classic “compare and contrast” type of homework assignment would just become “compare.”

I want to teach that class, and I want to take that class, and I want to write those papers, and grade those papers.

So, who wants to pay for me to go back to school so I can become Professor Private Investigator?

Until then, read Orwell online for free.


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