I have reached the part of the evening where I am not tired enough for bed, but my attention span makes all activities a challenge.

I was watching stupid things online (which I can unfortunately do more frequently now that I have a computer that doesn’t freeze every 30 seconds, no really, every 30 seconds), and I thought…maybe I will read now. Then I thought, “No, nooooo, so many wooooords.”

But I picked up a magazine with an article titled “How the Mideast Was Lost”, and got to read this delightful sentence in the second paragraph:

“By now it is apparent to all except the most enthusiastic imbibers of neoconservative Kool-Aid that the high hopes accompanying the 2003 invasion of Iraq were illusory.”

I love that sentence. I want to embroider it on a pillow, or turn it into a tattoo. Or carve it into a tree.

There are some sentences that deserve a dignified place in the world, not just the second paragraph of an article that only a few thousand people will read. If that many.

Imbibers! Neoconservative Kool-Aid! Illusory hopes!

All in one sentence.

I’m going to read at 10:15pm every night. I have been missing out on so much by telling myself there are too many words to read.


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