Think About Such Things

– Niece One and Niece Two

– A smoothie and a book on the porch on summer nights

– July of 2006 to July of 2007

– 115+ hours of paid time off that I have no desire to use. Well, now it’s 75.

– A pillow to sleep on

– Mangoes

– That 4th of July when we walked downtown to see the fireworks, and it poured rain.

– Craftily-worded sentences (i.e. “Vast lacunae dapple the landscape of my knowledge”)

– That night when the party was over and everyone left, except for me and one other girl. We said goodnight to one of the guys who lived there, and jokingly said “wouldn’t it be funny if we were still here when you wake up in the morning”, so then we stayed until 7am and had breakfast with them at Waffle House.


-Pitting cherries. I want to pit all the cherries.

– Laughter

– A Bible that tells me if I keep reading it, one day I won’t be like this

– A secret keeper who is also a Savior

– Etc.


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