I so wish that I had a fire pit, and that intangible things could be burned to the ground.

(And, ok, a place where I can incinerate Moby Dick. But at this point, I shouldn’t have to say that every time I mention fire. It can just be assumed from now on, yes?)

My mind is such a muddled pool of insanity right now that reading any sentence from the Bible brings some kind of relief. Even the boring parts. Don’t look at me like that. You know that you don’t stay up late at night so you can read one more chapter of Leviticus.

I’ve been working my way through 2 Kings. A very simple summary, that of course does not do it justice at all, is:

There was an evil king. There was a good king. There was an evil king. There was a good king. There was an evil king. There was a good king.

The interesting thing about the chapters about the good kings was that they never destroyed the idols/other evil paraphernalia the evil kings put in place. There’s usually a line that says something like “This king did what was right, but the idols were not taken away.

I think that is a really good summary of my life. (Which is useful information for my biographers). I would say “of a Christian’s life”, but I don’t actually know what’s up with the rest of you. I just know that Jesus has infiltrated my heart, and pleasure in doing right is there somehow. I don’t always do right. (The people sitting directly in front of me in traffic nod their heads in agreement). But He’s the most peaceful person, and I like Him being around. And it’s more fun to be around Him if I have not just gotten home from killing the neighbor’s cat. Or other wrong things. You know how you want to be like the people that you like? Well that’s how it goes with liking Jesus. I’m rambling. I knew that as soon as I looked up the definition of infiltrated to make sure I was using it correctly. (To move into enemy-occupied territory and take it over).


Not all of the high places have been removed. That’s why I’m insane. Fine. That’s one reason why I’m insane.

I read this chapter about one king finally setting things ablaze. (My challenge for this post is to find different ways to say “set things on fire.”)

I have been wondering how to …nuke… my idols. How to ignite them so they will be consumed in a flame of glory. So as to reduce them to ashes.


I don’t know how to set intangible things on fire. But one thing I learned from Josiah is that he didn’t take a break. He didn’t burn one idol and call it a day. He moved from idol to idol without hesitation. “Ok. That one’s gone. Show me where the next one is.” On, and on. Until they were all completely gone. I think that has to be part of the key.

Another good thing about Jesus is that He sees my idols, but He doesn’t draw me away from them by telling me that they’re ugly. He doesn’t tell me that they’re not enjoyable things, or lovely things. He made some of these things.

He just says, “I’m better.”


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