Out of Context, But Still Funny

“Eventually, sheer persistence found a way so obscure and unlikely that I had better keep it a secret in case I ever need to use it again.”

“I had even liked the only one stranger than Panmunjom, the howling, lunatic Waga border post between Pakistan and India, where rival detachments of frontier guards in plumed turbans and fantastic moustaches whirl towards each other in a high-speed goose-step each evening at sunset, in a sort of iron ballet of aggression.”

– Peter Hitchens, in an article titled “Borderline Delight”

The other day I was wondering how people have time to listen to music. I had a handful of friends return from a music festival a few weeks ago, and I was listening to them discuss some of their favorite acts. I have not heard of any of those musicians. Where do people find the time to listen to hundreds of different bands?

Then I remembered that I spend most of my spare time chuckling at random sentences in random articles.

To each his own.


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