Shades of Gray

I only saw part of the debate (I have things to do), but one thing I want to know is…why don’t we get to see all the coin tosses? “Mr. President, you won this coin toss…”, “Governor Romney, you won this toss…” I have a feeling that is where the real action is. I bet it’s really official. There have to be witnesses to verify that both sides of the coin aren’t the same. And how do you decide who gets to call Heads or Tails? And does it have to always be a coin toss? Can you ever stick a coin in your hand, put both hands behind your back, and say “Ok, Mr. President, which hand is the coin in???”

I mean, it’s all such a circus anyway, right?

Well, except when they say something like: “I met this random guy Joe who represents most Americans, and he told me his life sucks, but if we follow my plans, it won’t suck anymore.”

Then you must put on your serious face and feel somber. No heckling. Not even in the privacy of your living room.

In other news,

“No rational person takes seriously the claim that Iran, even if it did obtain a nuclear weapon, would commit instant and guaranteed national suicide by using it to attack a nation that has a huge nuclear stockpile, which happens to include both the US and Israel. One can locate nothing in the actions of Iran’s regime that even suggests irrationality on that level, let alone suicidal impulses.”

For more on that, click here.


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