Books I Read in 2012

FAQ: Allison, do you keep a list of everything that you read on notebook paper in an adorable binder?
Me: Yes.

In order of completion,

The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell
The Robe – Lloyd Douglas
The Visible Man – Chuck Klosterman
The New Kings of Nonfiction – Ira Glass
Hugo Chavez: Oil, Politics and the Challenge to the U.S. – Nikolas Kozloff
Liberty Defined – Ron Paul
Reimagining Church – Frank Viola
With Liberty and Justice For Some – Glenn Greenwald
The Question of God – Dr. Armond M. Nicholi, Jr
Pagan Christianity – Frank Viola
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling

After that year when I read 31 books, I think my eyes felt like they were melting. I didn’t read much in 2012. However, 8 of those 13 books were read in the last 6 months. Things are returning to normal.

I had to google “The Question of God” just now, because I had no recollection of reading a book by that name. But the data doesn’t lie. It was a book comparing the writings of Freud to the writings of C. S. Lewis. I remember now.

Here is where things get really nerdy. I bought the Hugo Chavez book at a library sale for a quarter. When I start reading a book, I write the date in the front cover. I also write the date in the back cover when I finish it. Like I’m a library or something! So I know that I began that book in 04/2011, and finished it in 5/2012. It was mind-numbingly boring. I actually only read the last couple of chapters in 2012. They ended up being the best.

Four Jesus books, 3 government books, one dystopian novel, and a smattering of miscellaneous genres. Only 13 books (a combined total of 3,844 pages), but I think the ratio is about the same every year.

You can take the books out of the nerd’s hands because she is burnt out on reading, but you can’t take the useless-data-compiling tendencies out of the nerd. I think that is an old proverb.


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