Someone Else Said It Outloud


I have never written about this topic, because it’s not something that occupies my thoughts. False. It’s just not easy to. Partly because it involves my secrets. And partly because I just don’t feel heard. There are expectations for what a single person has to say (“Sigh, being single is so miserable, I just want to be married so bad“), and it’s hard for people to let go of those expectations and hear anything else. But I do have thoughts. Enough to fill a book. Or a conversation. Hint, wink, nudge. We can hear each other.

Anyway, an acquaintance wrote about this on her blog, and I think it’s wonderfully put.

Especially this quote:

Singleness is not a consolation prize for those who aren’t good enough to be married, just like marriage is not a reward for being amazing, attractive, and accomplished.”

You’re intrigued now, aren’t you.



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