I’ll start with a Jesus thing, and then move on. My thoughts go downhill pretty rapidly after this first anecdote.

– I have been pondering a scene. On the Cross, Jesus looked around and saw His Mom, and a dear friend. He looked at them and said, “You’re family now. She’s your Mom, and he’s your son.” And they owned it. One could say that the Savior, Lord of lords, Creator of the Universe, and Majestic One was just tying up some loose ends. He knew Mary would need a man to care for her in that culture. But If Jesus was about taking care of anyone’s business, it was His Father’s business. I think He was saying: Things are changing, y’all. Family is not just the people who share your DNA. Family is made up of the people who follow Jesus. This same scene happens now, which makes my mind explode. These days, Christians “go to the Cross” by thinking about it, talking about it, praying about it, and reflecting on it. We go there together with our conversations and our lives. While we’re “there”, Jesus says the same thing to us. “Look around at these people you’ve found at the Cross. You’re family now.” Whenever I get to experience Jesus saying the same thing to me that He said a couple thousand years ago, I’m like, WHAT. He’s obviously alive.

– My transmission is fine. I’ll elaborate. One day my car wouldn’t move. The engine turned on fine. Everything was fine, except my car wouldn’t move more than 20 mph. It felt like there was glue in the gas tank. The internet said it was a problem with my transmission. My Dad said it sounded like a problem with my transmission. A coworker said that is what it sounded like. I dropped the car off one day. The punch line: My floor mat was stuck under the gas pedal. Believe it. I’m humiliated, relieved that I do not have to pay for a $2,000 repair, and very amused. I can be all those things at once. It comes with a lady brain.

– I think that since I have two nieces who might visit me at some point in my life, I should have a school zone in front of my house.

– “Through the lace-curtained windows the weak light gives Dad a ghostly look; he’s a colorized version of a black and white movie of himself this morning. His hair is standing up every which way and without thinking I smooth mine down, as though he were a mirror. He does the same, and we smile.” I’m still reading that stupid book. Because it’s still adorable.

– I am taking the day off work tomorrow. I think I am experiencing stress at work. Not in the sense that I am unhappy at work, but in the sense that I feel pressure at work. All I can think about is how I wouldn’t mind a back rub, or a hot tub. Or a back rub in a hot tub.

– Naming blog posts is my least favorite activity. You can imagine how much I dislike naming a book. All I’ve come up with so far is: “Y’all Are Crazy”, “I Would Never Read This Book So It’s Weird That I Wrote It”, and “Reading A Book While Sitting In A Hot Tub Sounds Nice”.


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