I had the most interesting phone call today.

My Grandpa had a mild heart attack today. I am, of course, disturbed by that news. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate.

I asked my Dad if I could talk to my Grandpa, once he felt up to it. Perhaps naively.

I talked to him for a few minutes. His only commentary on the event was:

“Well, it wasn’t final.”


“They gave me a lot of pills.”

Next, I spoke with my Grandma.

She told me they were so glad my Dad came to visit (they live in a different state), and that they were surprised when he showed up. They said his visit was like a ray of sunshine. She talked about how she’s turning 95 this month, and Grandpa is 94. She mentioned they are coming up on their 73rd or 74th wedding anniversary in August. She made two startling statements.

“This has been the most wonderful day.”


“Sorry if I’m getting confused about the dates, we just have so much to celebrate!”

Are these the kinds of things that slip out of your mouth the day your husband has a heart attack, if you have spent 95 years in the company of Jesus?


And when my Grandma handed the iPhone back to my Dad, I heard her say, “Well that was a neat little phone.”


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