– The good thing about being somewhat low maintenance and curly-haired, is that if you go outside in August and feel sad because it’s so, so, so hot – you can just take a regular pair of scissors and chop a few inches of hair off yourself. In a matter of seconds. And then you feel light, and fresh. And no one can tell the difference, because your hair always looks kind of spazzy anyway. And if you live alone, you can sit around with less clothes and drink strawberry lemonade and feel like you are a champion at life.

– I watched a few episodes of “The Amazing Race” this week. I asked my sister to apply to be on the show with me, but she won’t. So if anyone else wants to – just say the word. Let’s go look for clues in bat caves and ride a camel. On one episode, the players had to climb a pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico. I’ve done that, already.


I climbed, and climbed. I stopped about 3/4 of the way to the top. I felt like I was going to throw up. Or die. But I knew if I didn’t keep going, I would regret it for the rest of my life. It was a pyramid, y’all!


So you see that I have the experience needed to lead us to victory. Climb a pyramid: check.

– I keep forgetting to tell a funny story about syrup. One day at work, we ate pancakes. They were served downstairs in the cafeteria in our building. Jugs of syrup were available for everyone to use. Not little bottles, but big jugs. A coworker of mine happened to find a jug of syrup that only had a little bit left. She brought it upstairs for our team to share. We didn’t use all of the syrup that was left. For the next month, she left the jug of syrup on her desk. It appeared to others that not only did this person have a need for syrup at work, but the need was so great and constant that it required her to keep a jug of it on her desk. One day, the office manager threw it away. Some execs were coming to down, and she wanted to make sure nobody looked insane. My coworker didn’t know who took it, so she walked around asking everyone if they knew where her syrup was. I stopped her and let her know what happened, and we had a good laugh about the fact that she had spent about 10 minutes walking around the office looking for lost syrup. That really happened.

– I have a four day weekend. For no reason! I just took some random days off. It feels like school is out for the summer. I can go anywhere, do anything! I’ll probably just clean my shower.


One thought on “Misc.

  1. did you pay attention to the part of your climbing the mountain that said “i felt like i might die”??? allison, they make you eat gross things and jump off of buildings on that show too! we would be the team that was still there at midnight at the 2nd task of the first leg where people would be like “didn’t those girls watch this show before they went on it??” i’m flattered you think so highly of me to invite me on this adventure….

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