Little Ladies

My family found out that my older sister’s baby is a girl.

I’m not usually a fan of sonograms, because they’re so blobby. But this is the clearest one I’ve ever seen.


It makes me want to kiss her little face. And then kiss her little belly. And then kiss her little face again.

If you’ve been around me for more than ten minutes, you know that I already have two nieces.

The littler one with her crazy cute baby face:


And the older one with her spunk and sass:

photo (1)

I love that picture because it’s so ridiculous. We went to eat at the farmer’s market, and she insisted on taking a picture in front of this giant corn. She posed in front of it without any direction.

Little girls come with little bows, and sparkly things, and giggles, and are less likely to eat bugs.

The only thing better than two nieces, is three nieces. Three little girls running around. I can’t handle thinking about it. It’s too lovely.


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