I Like My Phone of Average Intelligence

I’m one step closer to going off the grid.

Today, I am going to pay off my credit card debt.

No one knew I had any. My parents are probably going to reprimand me for not begging them for more money in the past.

When I graduated college, I worked at Office Depot. For $7.00 an hour. Not exactly a living wage. Especially not if you have student loan debt…

My parents did help me so much during those days. They helped me make some rent payments, and sent me gift cards for groceries. If I had asked them for more, they would have given me more. But I was too proud, which was stupid. I ended up taking care of my own expenses by not taking care of my own expenses: I got a credit card, and pretended like they were taken care of.

As soon as I got my first “real” job, I stopped using the card. And start paying it off in teeny tiny little chunks, because I still didn’t make many dollars. The job I have now doesn’t give me very many more dollars either, but the chunks got a little bigger.

Today, I am free!

But still a little perplexed. I got the card in the first place because people advised me it would be a good decision. In order to prove you’re a responsible citizen, you should have good credit (which translates to…debt), they said. It proves you can make payments on time, or something. So banks will want to give you loans for more debt. For a house, or a car.

Most people consider debt to be a normal way of life. I…

don’t want to anymore.

I still have my student loan debt. As soon as that’s gone, and I can convince my employer to pay me in cash, I’m going off the grid.

“A bank is just like a paper bag, but with fancier walls. I’m going to keep my money where my mouth is…under my nose.” – Nick, New Girl

Well, I guess I won’t really go off the grid, grid. It would be impossible. I still have to keep my car registered with the state. I still have a cell phone. And I really like the internet.

But I do want to go off the debt-as-the-way-to-prosperity grid. There are a lot of broken world systems we will not get away from until Jesus’ Kingdom is here in full – but there are some world systems I really don’t have to be part of. I don’t have to vote and be part of the political system. I don’t have to educate my children in public school and be part of the educational system (although, I probably would, because I am super bad at math). My kids (if I have any) do not have to go to college with student loans (because I would be teaching them about all their options, and sometimes there are better ones than college). And I don’t have to “purchase” everything by taking on additional debt. I really can trust Jesus to provide, and not in a naive or irresponsible way. In a real way. In a day-to-day, paycheck-by-paycheck, moment-by-moment, body-of-Christ-sharing-burdens kind of way.

It does appear, though, that I will eventually have to get a smart phone.


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