You know how I love a good random combination of thoughts.

– The internet broke. My portion of it. I did not freak out. I rented Star Trek.

– I was asked two hilarious questions this week. “Did you know that chickens are dinosaurs?” and “Do you have an aversion to space?” (As in, outer space). The answer to both was, “No.”

– I bought a new toilet wand recently. I know that disposable things, in general, are wasteful and will destroy everything. But in this context, I think disposable is the way to go. The wand requires you to use a disposable sponge. After one use, you toss it. Is this not the most logical thing you have ever heard of? Why would you want to re-use anything that is dipped inside of your toilet? I have been asking myself this for several days. I can never go back to re-using something that touched the inside walls of my toilet. How foul. The toilet wand is such a source of unbridled glee that all I want to do now is clean my toilet. Cleaning my toilet no longer feels like an exercise in futility!

– Six. I used the word “toilet” six times just then. I like to keep things as classy as possible around here.

– I went to a writer’s group for the first time, today. I edited my post We Love You Dearly. Made it better. I made one person cry. Success.

– I am going to make a family cookbook. My three sisters and Mom are sending me recipes. I’m hoping my remaining Grandma wants to contribute. I think she’s the kind of person who cooks things without recipes. You know the type! And I’m also hoping someone finds some recipes from my Grandma who just passed away. We agree that she made really good biscuits. You know what is neat? I have memories of going to their house, and eating biscuits for breakfast. It’s a thing that stands out in my mind. For the last couple of years, she was a tad on the senile side. (This is not an insult. I eagerly await my senile years). She’d repeat the same handful of stories, over and over again. One of the stories she kept repeating was about us coming to her house and eating biscuits for breakfast. It stood out in her mind, too. Even when her mind was a little cray-cray. She thought that me and my sisters were the cutest little girls, standing in line with our plates to get a biscuit. I’m glad we shared that memory. From two totally different vantage points. But still, it was shared.

~ The End ~


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