On Being An Adult

I’m not sure that an almost-30-year-old should still marvel at how strange it is to not be a child anymore, but

I really have noticed some deep changes in myself.

1. I bought my first box of kleenex. Until this point, I have used toilet paper for all the typical cold needs. I’m still fine with that option, but it seems all the other 30-year-olds are too classy for that. They turn their nose up (that is not exactly a pun, but it’ll do) when I offer them toilet paper to blow their nose. So, I broke down. I bought a box of tissue that I keep on my coffee table.*

2. Instead of cleaning my shower curtain liner, I just bought a new one. Because I’m making the big bucks now, people! I can swing that extra $5! I don’t make enough dollars for name brand groceries, but give me another decade.

3. I know what the economy is.

4. I can take a nap at 6pm, and still sleep soundly all night. This has been most useful to discover.

5. I recognize that eating bacon every day is not good for my health.

And lastly,

6. I can admit that quitting piano lessons when I was in 5th grade was a mistake, and I should have listened to my Mother. What I wouldn’t give to play Beethoven’s 5th symphony right now! Or something by Adele.

*When I say “coffee table”, I actually mean an old TV stand that I don’t stand the TV on. I’m not quite established enough in life for a coffee table.


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