There Is Always More To Say

Ebenezer Season is upon me!

No need to tell the whole story again, since I did that last year.

But it never really is the whole story.

Every year, I only tell pieces. Different pieces. There are so many pieces.

I remembered three more, as I was reflecting this weekend.

1) Someone anonymously mailed me a $100 gift card to Kroger, a few weeks before I quit my job. I hadn’t even pulled the trigger yet, and Jesus was moving. I have no idea who did it. I only know that it bolstered my faith. I had never been the recipient of something like that, before.

2) When I started seriously considering quitting my job (about three months before I did), I had it in my head that I would save a certain amount of money. To be responsible. Three months worth of living expenses. I got just under one month’s worth of dollars saved, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to leave. It has been three years, and I have not spent a dime of that money. It wasn’t anywhere near what I thought I “needed”, and I haven’t even spent it. Jesus planned to provide for every possible need, and He did not need a bit of help from me. So now it’s just my cute little “emergency” fund. It’s a really adorable emergency fund. It’s nice to know that if I get holes in my socks, I can replenish them without breaking a sweat.

3) I actually enjoy the weekends, now. I actually rest on the weekend. When I worked at my old job, I couldn’t relax when I wasn’t even there. As soon as I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt like the minutes were rushing by. All I did was dread having to go back to work on Monday mornings. Do you know what it is like to not be able to take a breath from dread? It’s very icky. I am free from dread.

I am not really concerned with whether or not this story, or new details, are of interest to anyone. It is impossible for me to let January 14th pass without mention of what He did. The rocks do not need to cry out in my place. Because of Jesus – my rock, my stone of help, my Ebenezer.


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