Balancing Act

Just a few matters at hand.

– The first intriguing commercial I saw today was for Subway. Their slogan is “Eat Fresh.” But their latest sandwich is some kind of enchilada sandwich with fritos on it. What in the world. Something ain’t right.

– The second intriguing commercial I saw today was for Lays potato chips. They are having a contest to develop a new flavor. The winner could win one million dollars. So, whatev. I entered a flavor. I’m not going to tell you what it is. I don’t even eat potato chips. But I will for a million dollars.

– I’m going to meet Niece Three in just two days. I bought her a soft, elephant toy. I figured she would appreciate a fresh toy that Niece One and Niece Two did not slobber on four to six years ago. Aunt Allison knows how hand-me-downs go. Actually, I never really had anything that my older sister did. She had a pig obsession. So I was like, no thanks. I’ll just read a book. You can keep your pigs.

– It’s trippy that my sister has three children. It seems like just yesterday that she was wearing overalls, curling her bangs, and listening to Cindy Morgan.

– I am going to try to learn how to not care if I am misunderstood. This is an ongoing struggle. Because on the one hand, it doesn’t matter, right? My identity is not wrapped up in whether or not I am understood. On the other hand, I would like to have lasting relationships with people. And if I am constantly shrugging my shoulders and saying “I don’t care what they think” – how does that build our relationship? We should want to understand each other, right?


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