Can’t Touch This

Sometimes I feel invincible. In really small ways.

I don’t think that I can leap across buildings, or board a moving train, or drink caffeine at night, or anything like that.

Being productive in one way makes me think I can be productive in all the ways. I did a few things tonight that made me think, yeah, I’ve got the smallest portion of my act together. 

I cleaned my dishes. Not a huge pile of dishes that has been sitting around for days. The ones I just used. Which means they won’t be sitting around for days! 

I renewed my driver’s license online. I owe this feat to the Tennessee Department of Safety or….whoever handles that. My license will not expire. Renewed. Done.

I replaced the batteries in my thermostat. I’ve been sitting here for most of the day feeling a little chilly. The thermostat read between 68 and 74 degrees all day. The heat never actually came on, even though it has been frigid outside for the last half of the day. I recognized there was a problem. I surmised that the reason the heat wasn’t coming on was because the thermostat was reading incorrectly, and it must be reading incorrectly because the batteries are out of juice. I replaced them. Now the heat is running, and I feel so warm. I didn’t have to call my landlord. Problem. Solved.

I filed my taxes. It’s only March 2nd. Enough said.

I looked around my little apartment and asked – what else shall I conquer?

So I flossed.

Tomorrow I have the day off work, so I can get my car’s emissions tested, and renew my tags. (Sigh, government, get a hobby). After that, I’m going to purge. I have one bookcase in my room full of juuuuunk. I’ll keep my three tools (two screwdrivers and a hammer), but everything else shall go. The most tedious part will be shredding all the documents I should not have kept for all the years. I keep too many documents. Since I work for a company that does background checks, I know I have too many documents. Nobody needs all these documents. Especially not if I want to go off the grid one day. 

I’m also going to go through my cookbooks and put a star on all the recipes I have used before. (Because, that’s why).

This is all very ambitious, I know, but like I said – I feel invincible.





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