Say It

A couple of weeks later, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years…
I caught him up on some stuff in my life and then asked what was going on in his. He said he and his wife had a baby since he last saw me…
I asked him if it was scary being a father, and he told me, no, he loved it…
My friend went on to say he was move in love with his wife than ever, which is not something men usually say to each other, even if it’s true..
“She’s amazing,” my friend said, shaking his head. “A baby came out of her body, for crying out loud. And now she produces food. She keeps the baby alive.”
I asked him how his wife felt about all of this, thinking she must be excited to have her husband back. My friend looked at me as though he were realizing he hadn’t actually said anything to his wife.
“You haven’t said anything?” I questioned.
“I guess I figured she knew,” my friend suggested

– Donald Miller
A Million Miles In A Thousand Years


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