If I Had A Penny

Felt Like A Reblog

The parts I am feeling currently:

Since I am open and honest about my imperfections, it has maybe given some people (including, but not limited to, me) the impression that they are whole and I am not. But in fact, we are equal.

I have believed the lie that I am less, I am more of a mess than other people, and I should be more like them. I have felt that I have so far to go before I can be acceptable, be one of you.

That’s a lie. It’s all a lie.

I am not less.

My mess is not messier than your mess.

I don’t have farther to go than anyone else to be acceptable, relatable, and enjoyable.

I go to the same place you go, and that’s to Jesus.

I’m not going to tell myself that I should be single because I would make a horrible wife or mother

I’m going to say, “I don’t believe these lies, anymore.” And they will fall, lifeless, to the ground.


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