Learning Is Fun

You know how sometimes people have a hard time sleeping because they are stressed, or because they are thinking about tomorrow, or daydreaming about their…dreams, or whatever people daydream about?

Sometimes I can’t go to sleep because I’m so happy I learned so many new things. I just want to think about all the new things I know.

I took a cooking class tonight. “Flavor Profiles of World Cuisines.”

I learned some new tricks for making Thai food. Did you know there is such a thing as a Kaffir lime leaf, and it matters? I have to be okay with going to seven grocery stores to get all the ingredients I need, because Thai basil matters.

I learned how to make Moroccan food, and I will never be the same. All the flavor. I have not the words.

I remembered that sometimes I like strangers, after all.

Me: (wandered over to another team to see what they were doing) This is the French dish, right?
Stranger: Yes. We’re having a meltdown. Something is wrong with the sauce.
Me: Oh. What do you think is wrong with it?
Stranger: It ain’t right.

I learned that I am useless in a medical crisis.

I was wandering around, fluffing couscous and such. I took a break to get a drink. I looked over at someone sitting in a chair; she did not look well. Things happened, and all I could do was yell, “I NEED HELP!” Then she was on the floor, somehow. As it turned out, there were three doctors in the class, and they are not useless in a medical crisis. While my instincts were to just stand there, they were all like “Get us a cold towel and a drink with a lot of sugar in it, oh wait, we are at Whole Foods, so just…anything but water.”

She’s okay. The room was really hot from baking Naan. (Yeah, we did). By the end of the class we were talking with her about how ain’t nobody got time to heat their oven at 500 degrees for 2 hours just to make some Naan.

I learned that saffron blooms.

I learned that not everybody has my mad knife skills, which I picked up from a different cooking class. I can chop anything I want, anytime, anyplace, any way I want or need to.

I can’t stop thinking about preserved lemons. I didn’t even know those were a thing.

And olives are so good with chicken, who knew that?

I think I’m ready for a reality TV cooking competition. I want Gordon Ramsay to yell things at me.

With all the things in the world that are so broken, and disappointing, and hurtful

Just go outside and be who Jesus made you to be. Enjoy the things that He designed for your enjoyment. I happen to enjoy blooming saffron, now that I know how.

I just…I didn’t even know it was something that needed to bloom. I didn’t know that anything in a plastic bag needs to bloom. I thought the blooming was done before it got to the store.

I’m really going to be up all night thinking about all the different things that may need to bloom.


2 thoughts on “Learning Is Fun

  1. This is hilarious. You could totally be on one of those food network shows for beginners and it would be highly entertaining to watch.

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