Sister Group Text

M__3E41 (1)

Laura: Show this picture to all the boys, so they will want to marry you

Me: Why are we all resting our hands on each other?

Laura: It makes us look like we love each other

Emily: It is incredibly formal for like a 5 year old

Me: And it makes me look like I am controlling Sarah and Laura

Me: Like if they move I will cut them

Laura: Looks like you could strangle me real easy

Me: Well we all know I am the tough one

Laura: It’s not real hard to be tougher than Sarah and Emily

Sarah: Haha SHUT UP (angry emoticon)

Me: Your mom should shut up

Emily: Rude!

Me: I love your mom jokes because we have the same mom

Emily: I’m gonna tell her.


And, on that note, it’s time for Thanksgiving.


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