In A Bubble

Apparently these days I have nothing to muse about, but still managing the occasional chuckle at life. Enjoy this real life text conversation I had with my youngest sister, the personal trainer.


Sister: I had to go to urgent care because I hurt my ankle playing bubble soccer
Me: Oh no!….what is bubble soccer?

Sister: Google it. It’s actually quite entertaining. I was playing soccer in a bubble.

Me: I can’t believe you were injured in a bubble. That seems contradictory.

Sister: Yeah well two people knocked me down.


Me: Whaaaaaaaaaat

Sister: It was a staff meeting

Me: Oh my gosh. This is the best.

Sister: It was fun. I’d do it again. Apparently there is a league.

Me: But like, why are you in a bubble

Sister: So you can ram people and it’s hilarious. You basically laugh the whole time. One of my coworkers got stuck upside down.

Me: I almost always want to ram people

Sister: Well this is a great way to do it. We rented them for an hour.

Me: So how are you now. I guess I should have asked that before.

Sister: I’m ok. I have been on crutches. I found out it’s not broken, so I took my cast off. It was the worst pain of my life. It felt like my foot was giving birth to a child.

Me: That’s not a thing. When did this happen?

Sister: It happened Tuesday at 2pm

Me: On Tuesday I was watching hulu and making a scarf. So we are basically living the same life, as usual. Stop trying to be me. It’s embarrassing for both of us.


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